Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #31

This week was super good and successful! We just found and found and found! We got 5 new investigators this last week! We had a really good time although it was a super long week but we were able to accomplish a lot, teaching 20 lessons this last week! We were able to also do two service projects for a less active lady named Zr. Cornelli. We cleaned up her yard (raking her dirt). Surinamers are so funny. They like their dirt all nice and raked. I mean I can appreciate that. Seeing a nice, clean, dragged baseball field always brought joy to my soul. We also were able to do service for The Braumuller family. We painted their fence for them and it was super awesome! I love love love that family more than anything!
 One of our crazy run in's this week is we went to go visit an investigator and her Jehovah's Witness sister was there....needless to say that was a lot of fun.. I found myself starting to get a little mad so we got out of there as soon as possible. Gotta love the results of the Great Apostasy. We found great success in teaching new investigators and are hoping to go farther with all of them. We are in the beginning stages with all of them because we basically dropped all of the old people we were working with because they just were not progressing. We showed our faith and found a lot of people and are hoping to find more this upcoming week. Zone Conference is this week and we are all so pumped because we will be talking about the Atonement (my favorite subject). It's going to be a blast. Anyways, that was basically our week! Love all of you so much!
-Elder Lewis

Shandon Braumuller and I

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