Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #30

Hello Everyone!
This week we received transfer calls this week and I am staying right where I am at...for the fifth transfer now. It'll be fun. We're hoping to start having some rapid success. This week we had the privilege of watching a worldwide missionary broadcast. We were taught by the apostles and members of the Seventy and it was so awesome. It totally pumped us all up for our work. Super cool thing that happened this week is we found this part member family that just moved from Guyana so we are excited to teach them this upcoming week. We had 3 investigators at church, one of which we picked up on our bikes. He rode on the back of my bike there and back (not very fun)... totally worth it though. I fasted this last Sunday so by the time church was over it had been 24 hours and we just had to drop our investigator off at home and then we would go and break our fast. I was exhausted and so tired and it was so hot and I was so tempted to drop him off like 3/4 of the way and ask if he could walk home, and then I thought of the Savior. Does he take us half or 3/4 of the way? Did he suffer and die for almost all of our sins, weaknesses, trials, afflictions, pains, sicknesses? No, it was all of them, nothing left, all the way, nothing left behind. I thought that was a very fun moment to make that connection about the Atonement. Our Zone Conference is on the Atonement so I am super excited to learn all about that. This scripture that was so cool that I read is 1 Peter 2:21. It talks about following His steps. Imagine someone walking on a beach. To those who don't know Christ or even those who do, you may look ahead and see no foot prints ahead of you, almost as if you are walking alone. That is not true though, Christ walked the path alone so we don't have to. You look ahead and see foot prints knowing that He has walked it before you, you then look behind you, and you see not only your foot prints, but His also, and then at last you'll look to your right and you'll see Him, walking right there with you. Christ's Atonement is not just for the sinner, it's for those who have weakness (which is all of us) but the promise is that He will lift and carry you to make those things strong. (Ether 12:27). Have a wonderful week everyone!!
-Elder Lewis

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