Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #13!!

This week has been pretty good, it was very long just with transfers and adjusting to a new companion but it's been good. Honestly I feel super bad because nothing crazy has happened other than moving into our new apartment and getting a new companions. His name is Elder Hood and he's super cool and motivated and we work super hard. It's been a roller coaster here. Suriname is super cool. Rainy season is about to start and I guess from what I have been hearing it just pours all day long. It's gonna be a good time. I just am loving the branch here. Brother Suradj and I are becoming really good friends. I sent a picture of his home. He's such a stud. He used to be hard core addicted to cocaine and was a raging alcoholic and now he is about to go to the temple in a couple weeks. And now he's just like Alma the Younger, crying repentance and forgiveness unto all those who he has wronged. It's just great. Uhm, I ate chicken feet and cayman these last two weeks. Cayman is super good but chicken feet....yeah not so much. I am finally starting to get adjusted I think. I am getting more and more comfortable in the language and people are starting to understand me and most of them help me out a lot because they understand English a little bit too. I am also picking up a little Sranan Tongo. But all is super good. I feel bad that I don't usually have time to write everyone that writes me but we just don't have a lot of time.

All is well though I think it's still crazy that I am here on a mission. I can't really believe it but it I am haha!! Conference will be fun and I am super excited about it. I guess it's just a big party at the Temmenga Branch (Stake Center) all weekend so I am excited. Love you guys!!
-Elder Lewis

Last photo with Elder Whetten
 New Companion: Elder Hood
 All of us at the Bruines Berg Trip

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #12

This week was pretty crazy but all is good! Transfer Calls are in and I am moving apartments! Luckily my area is staying mostly the same plus and minus a few because sisters are moving into our apartment but my new companion's name is elder Hood and he is awesome. I am super excited. So we packed up our apartment and are all ready to go.
 Honestly I don’t have time to write a group email anymore so maybe when you post you can just write a short update. I wish we had more time in here but we don’t haha. But all is good. In church we had Onesimus there and he's on track to be baptized on October 3rd!!!!! I am so excited for that. In church yesterday we had this Brazilian chick there and we had a non member friend of ours come and translate for us because he speaks Portuguese. But, the problem is he doesn’t speak Dutch so for the second hour I had to translate the Dutch to English and he translated it to Portuguese.  It was insane and stressful but I managed to survive. My language is getting a lot better people are starting to understand me and I can understand them. It's exciting. Also....hmm what else is there? I will be in the South of Paramaribo! So…same branch and everything so I am super glad because I am just starting to get to know them.
But yeah that was my week. 

--Elder Lewis

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week #10

Hello Everyone!

This week in Suriname has been a crazy one. We are working hard. So to start off I am slowly starting to understand people better so that is a bright side. My bike has decided to be super difficult. My tire popped like three different times this last week and I just got so sick of it and replaced the whole tire itself so that was fun. We hit 330 miles at the end of this week and its crazy how fast my first transfer has gone. My favorite kid here in Suriname in getting baptized on October 3rd so I am super excited for that. He is away at sports camp all week which has been sad because I dont get to see him untill sunday or monday next week. Also while I was on exchanges with our Zone Leader we ran into the house of this guy we taught in the MTC. His name is Jerry and he was our "pretend" investigator that broeder Norton played. I didnt meet him exactly but we taught his sister which was so cool. Other than that wer have been spending a lot of time teaching less actives and trying to build up the church here in Suriname. I've been able to form some realationships with some members here so thats been super nice and most of them speak english too so they have been helping me with my dutch. This one night here, Elders up in Parbo-North didnt call in at the end of the night so Elder Whetten and I had to go and make sure they were alive....after hours. It was kind of fun. Honestly Suriname is so chill, everybody is just so chill here and I love it for the most part haha. If anyone wants to send me american stuff though I would love that. Use the company Ferm Cargo or whatever, my mom will know what it is so get in touch with her if and she will tell you all about it. tinaleelewis@gmail.comAnyways I am still alive and I am losing weight like crazy lol we bike so much and its just sweating off of me. But no more sweating soon, rainy season is coming so I cant wait to be soaking wet altijd!!!!!!!!!! Anywasy sorry still no pictures, I have no camera but as soon as I get one I will send an over load of pictures. Have a good week everyone!

-Elder Lewis