Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #12

This week was pretty crazy but all is good! Transfer Calls are in and I am moving apartments! Luckily my area is staying mostly the same plus and minus a few because sisters are moving into our apartment but my new companion's name is elder Hood and he is awesome. I am super excited. So we packed up our apartment and are all ready to go.
 Honestly I don’t have time to write a group email anymore so maybe when you post you can just write a short update. I wish we had more time in here but we don’t haha. But all is good. In church we had Onesimus there and he's on track to be baptized on October 3rd!!!!! I am so excited for that. In church yesterday we had this Brazilian chick there and we had a non member friend of ours come and translate for us because he speaks Portuguese. But, the problem is he doesn’t speak Dutch so for the second hour I had to translate the Dutch to English and he translated it to Portuguese.  It was insane and stressful but I managed to survive. My language is getting a lot better people are starting to understand me and I can understand them. It's exciting. Also....hmm what else is there? I will be in the South of Paramaribo! So…same branch and everything so I am super glad because I am just starting to get to know them.
But yeah that was my week. 

--Elder Lewis


  1. The pants!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! I also love that you send a ton of pictures! One picture says a thousand words. Great job Elder! ♥♥♥

    1. Finally! !!! I've tried to reply for weeks, but I've finally worked it out! Yay for me!

  2. The pants are awesome! Todd is loving these pics because he says they look just like his mission. We are happy for you and keeping you in our prayers daily!

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