Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #29

Hello Hello Hello everyone!
This week was the longest/shortest week of my life but it was really good. I moved into my 4th apartment and boy does it have a view! It's pretty cool. We are currently living above a member in our branch, and there's some pictures of sunrises that I watch every morning. This week was a tough one, not a whole lot of crazy stories, but it's still going good! We are trying our very best.  People have their agency and we can't force anyone to accept us. Just now we played sports with all of the missionaries so that was a lot of fun! We got a couple new cool investigators and we able to teach them all about the restoration. Hopefully they can recieve a witness that what we are saying is true! I am so bad at these weekly emails I am sorry. If you guys could read my journal you would get the full experience. I haven't missed a day thus far on my mission.  I know I am just handing out challenges left and right but journal writing is so awesome! You guys should do that as well ;) One cool thing is an investigator in my old area who Elder Hood and I taught came to church! That was super cool!! Our new apartment doesn't have a fridge yet....hopefully that gets installed soon! I am sorry this email was super lame but next week will be better! Stay tuned!
-Elder Lewis

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