Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #34

This week was good, although I have got some sort of mosquito strain inside of me making things difficult, but it's okay.  I am surviving. I guess Zach Walton got called to the Trindad Port of Spain Mission which will be pretty cool! He's speaking Spanish so I will probably never see him but that is so cool!  Now we just need to get a Dutch speaker here! Anyway, this week was super successful. We have had success with our investigator Kolif! We had a solid lesson with him about why we come (missionaries). He loves to talk but basically it got to a point where he was like, "Elders if I didn't think this was a good thing I wouldn't even answer your phone calls. I love the Word of God and will do whatever it says." So, I turned to 2 Nephi 31:5 about how we have the need to be baptized and then he was like, "I gotta start coming to church!" Then I invited him to be baptized and he responded, almost as if that was a dumb thing to ask, and said (in sranan tango), "Sa'ede mi go a kerki als mi no dopu?" (why would I go to church if I didn't want to get baptized) then he continued on and said how He doesn't want people to be looking at him wondering why he wasn't baptized. It was cool!  He came to church and it was just great! We are really excited about that! That as for sure the highlight. America, the key to over coming the Zieke virus is this: everyone just needs to get it and then everyone will be immune to it, problem solved! This work is super great and I love Suriname! Today we went to a sort of beach of the Suriname river and played sand volleyball. It was a blast!
-Elder Lewis

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