Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #26

Hello Everyone!
So this week was Christmas and it was so nice being able to see my family (on Skype). Last Monday all the missionaries got together and had a white elephant exchange and it was so fun. With all the Chinese owned  stores here there is some crazy stuff you can find! So So great! Well this week was an adventure for sure. Christmas is not so crazy here, believe it or not. Most people are just happy to be off of school and that's enough for them. It's raining a lot right now in Suriname. We are just soaked all the time, it's so fun (not really but positive thoughts...positive thoughts) We had a sweet lesson with this new investigator who hopefully will make progress! One of the highlights of this week was the whole entire Braumuller family was at church. There family is on the up and up and boy it's just so exciting! Also, there were 99 people at church !! I have never seen so many people in a congregation like that in a long time! It was nuts and so so so so so cool! President Egbert is coming this week to do interviews and stuff so I am way excited for that. Being on your own basically away from your trainer is a little hard with not having someone to turn to for all the answers. But, as we rely on prayer and the Lord we have managed to figure it out. So I got splash by like 3 cars this week. Just when you're starting to dry off a car comes at the speed of light and soaks you to the bone. So fun. Also, I had a near death experience with a car this week. I was riding down a pretty busy street and got a rear view mirror to the back of the shoulder (sorry mom) I am fine but it was scary for sure. Anyway,  it was a very humbling and fun week. Christmas was so fun here being able to attend a members party and see all the people, and also a great opportunity to meet non members. We got a sweet contact out of it! Anyway, have a wonderful week everyone :)
-Elder Lewis
White Elephant Exchange
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Marking 6 months with a tie-burning
Six Months Down!!

So so so so much rain!!

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