Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #25

This week was super crazy. Transfers were on Wednesday and I was moving apartments again so we did that all on Wednesday. Our new area is pretty big with about 15 less active members in it so we have our hands full with keeping up with all of them but, we are excited for the work load and to be busy all the time. I am again with Elder Hardy (my MTC companion) so it is going to be an adventure for sure. It's been pretty crazy being kicked out of the nest all of a sudden and basically forced to do it all on your own, but it's been an experience for sure ..and on top of that I was assigned to be a district leader. Whoo Hooo! It's going to be fun. It has been a good opportunity to help and serve my fellow missionaries. Something pretty cool happened this week. So, Elder Hardy and I were out contacting on Friday and we had just gotten done talking to these two really cool people. We had finished the street that we were on and were unsure of what to do, so we prayed and asked where we needed to go-- if we needed to keep contacting or go see this less active member Aniel. We both felt inspired to go see Aniel so we biked over there and he wasn't home, but Suradj's brother in law and his wife were home (because they all live on the same lot) We had taught them before but they are Hindu so it is very hard to teach them. We talked with them for a little bit and took a drink from them and just say, "Ok we have to go. See you later". We started biking off and I felt like we should have asked to sit with them. As I was justifying in my head why I didn't do this (because they were Hindu and we have tried so many times), Elder Hardy's chain guard fell off and while he was fixing it, I had a YOLO (you only live once) moment and decided to follow the prompting and go back and teach them. We taught them about the restoration and it went so good. They were involved, asked really good questions, and it was just a miracle. They invited us back over and we are excited to teach them more. Pam came to church again and we are hoping to get her ready to go for baptism late January. Today all the missionaries are getting together to celebrate Christmas with a white elephant exchange, ugly ties, and playing games. Unfortunately, we do not get to watch a movie like the rest of the world of missionaries, it seems, but I am glad because that would be super distracting. Besides Skyping the family, we are just working like a normal day on Christmas and then going to a ward members party at night, which will be super fun and there will be lots of good food :) Anyway, that was my week! Have a Merry Christmas everyone and be jealous that Christmas is celebrated on the 25th and the 26th here :) For sure continuing that tradition when I get home! Anyway, have a good week everyone!
-Elder Lewis
Singing at the Ward Christmas Party
Elder Hood and I
Elder Hood and I 
Sister Missionaries singing at the Ward Christmas Party

Elder Hardy

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