Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #21

Good morning Family and Friends!!
Boy this week went by so flipping fast! It was a good week!! I had a very good week actually but I honestly can't think of too many details. We found one of our old investigators!!!!! His name is prince and it was such a miracle. We were going to an appointment and it fell through so we Klop'd on Princes door (in Suriname you don't knock on doors. You simply stand at the persons gate and yell "KLOP KLOP" or knock knock. It's super funny) and he came out! We taught him the Plan of Salvation because one of his family members just died and he loved it. We invited him to say the closing prayer and in his prayer he says "Heavenly Father please help and bless me with whatever I need to do to become apart of this organization" Elder Hood and I simultaneously look over at each other in the middle of the prayer and fist bump while he's still praying. It was funny but man it was so great!  Being puffed up in our pride, the Lord sent a rain storm that soaked us to the bone directly after that. It was a lot of fun! Something else this week we have been spending a lot of time training members in their callings in order to create a more self sufficient branch. It's been a lot of fun! The Braummulers are getting baptized on Saturday! It's been so awesome to teach their family. Terrik(10) and Deeshawn(8) are getting baptized. Sister Braummuler is so awesome. She is a returning less active who just came back on fire! She has already received a calling and is just so amazing. Elder Hood and I jokingly call her our mom (mom nobody can replace you it's just a joke) because she literally reminds us of our mothers. Another one of of our investigators, Ron, the one I gave up caffeine for, promised me he would stop smoking before I went home in 19 months. Wasn't quite what I wanted but I'll take it. Warning:Missions make you fat lol. I am gaining weight like crazy so that's fun. Anyways that was basically my week! I am turning 19 this week and I have almost been out for 6 months. That's just flipping nuts. Anyways Have a good week, Lobi!
-Elder Lewis

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