Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #19

Hi All,
Nothing really super exciting happened this week other than it was super long. We had a rough week as far as teaching and everything. But,  guess what?   I have to go to Guyana for a couple days to get a new tourist card. So that will be fun. I leave tomorrow and have no idea how long I will be there but I think it will be a nice change of scenery for a short while. This week we participated in the helping hands and that was fun! We painted a playground with our branch which was super fun and also hot haha. The people here are freaking out because rainy season hasn't started yet. This last week, President Egbert  had to get surgery on his eye and has been stuck in Santo Domingo. Hopefully he will make it back for zone conference tomorrow! I gave a talk in church this last Sunday and that was a super interesting experience but I was able to stumble through it! All in all, the week was good. I need to do a better job at writing down certain things to write about becasue cool things really do happen during the week.  I just can't ever remember them when I get to the emailing portion, but yeah. This week Elder Hood and I were trying to contact this one refferal we recieved and all of a sudden this 'I love Jesus parade' starts coming down the street and it was just so funny!! We just sat there and watched,  and people were pointing to us and saying "Jesus Loves You". It was pretty funny! 

-Elder Lewis

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