Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #20

Well, this week was rather interesting. I spent 3 days in Guyana because I was about to be illegal in Suriname so I had to go to Guyana to purchase another tourist card, or so I thought. So I get to the Airport and check in. I go to immigration and this very large Suriname lady (who looks like she hasn't had a good day since 'Nam) takes one look at my passport and goes,"Je bent illigal" (You're illegal) and she was like 'you get a red stamp in your passport and are not allowed to fly in the Caribbean for 3 years... I was like....oh no!!! My faith was dwindling but luckily Elder Christiansen and Elder Hardy both were there and their faith saved me.  (They were going through the same process as I was). He (Elder Christiansen) said a prayer asking for a miracle and by the hand of God the lady let us go this one red stamp. I was so thankful! So we fly there in, literally, the smallest plane I have ever seen and we spent three days in Guyana when we should have only spent one.....we all had one pair of clothes and got put in the mission office to sleep in which had bed bugs.....45 bites. So fun. So I get back to Suriname on Friday and I have never been so happy!! Suriname is a wonderful place. Also Elder Hood has dengy fever... so I have literally not left the apartment this whole week. Fun stuff, but I have had some awesome studies and watched a lot of general conference and also ate a lot. I officially gave up on trying not to get fat....I'm just gonna let it happen hahaha.  He's (Elder Hood) finally starting to get better and I hope and pray I don't get it. I have a few symptoms but I am hoping I don't get it LOL!! Anyway, hopefully we can leave the house soon this week!
-Elder Lewis
Flying to Guyana
Flat Guyana
Cleaning up a burnt down house in Guyana
Cleaning the Apartment
Our District
More district photos
Love this guy...ex-rastafarian, now our branch mission leader
"Helping Hands" service project
"Helping Hands" service project
"Elder Hood is the best! Love this guy!"

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