Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #18

 We had a super successful week with 5 investigators in church. It's been so much fun Elder Hood and I are killing it. I get to serve another transfer with Elder Hood in Paramaribo South which I am super glad about. I am learning so much from Elder Hood and am so grateful for him and his example. So yes I am officially done with training so now I am a normal missionary but still have no idea what i'm doing lol. But the language is getting a lot better. I have had quite a few people from the ward and people I have met on the street tell me that I am speaking fluently I still don't believe it because asa soon as I start getting prideful the Lord humbles me right away. It's fun though. Also bad news, I think I am getting fat.. I don't really know how.. I am not getting any larger in like shape but I am gaining weight like crazy. Probably because all we eat is rice and more rice and beans and then bread and eggs because we basically get like $47 US a week to survive lol. It's super fun but it's ok I have started exercising in the mornings (kind of) (5 sit ups). Onesimus got the aaronic priesthood on sunday which was so fun to be apart of. This next transfer if everything goes good, we should get like 5baptisms. We have found some amazing people.

One miracle for this week was with one of our investigators Ron. Ron is the boyfriend of a less active named cindy. We have been working very hard with them to get married but one of his other struggles is with smoking. We taught him about faith in christ and about how he can over come his addiction through that faith then we gave him a blessing the get over that addiction so he can stop and it was just such an amazing exprience. The spirit was so strong. It's so funny because Coke is a very beloved drink here among missionaries and I have currently got three more missionaries to stop drinking caffine with me to help Ron stop smoking. He came to church this last sunday with Cindy and their cute little baby and everyone just welcomed them in with loving arms. It was so good to see. That was for sure the highlight of the week. 

It's so crazy to think that on Christmas Eve I will have been out for 6 months. The time has just flown by and I am just learning so much. I invite you all to be ponderizing a scripture every week. It really helps out during the week. I am sorry I don't have any pictures this week. I should be getting a camera soon! Have a good week this week!!
-Elder Lewis

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  1. Oh! He is doing great! I bet he is fluent if the people are telling him that. That is wonderful. Great to read letters from missionaries, especially from Tanner. I love his sense of humor. The 5 sit ups! He cracks me up!