Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #17

This last week was super good! I honestly can't say anything extremely crazy happened but it was just a good week. We had a ton of success with working with members and gaining referrals. We taught two members this last week and in turn received 21 referrals... That is like literally unheard of...Pretty Crazy. Except like more than half of them were for other areas and we were left with 6 of them for us so we are just going to assume that the 6 that we have are the elect. One of the stories of the week happened actually last night. So one of our investigators, Ron, is addicted to smoking, along with a lot of other problems, but we are focusing first on this mountain. So we were thinking of ways to help him and we couldn't really think of anything.  So, we go into the lesson and teach the word of wisdom and I get the idea that I am going to tell him I am going to give up caffeine and he will give up smoking. He loved it and we compromised to him cutting down little by little. We left the appointment feeling pretty good but I had quickly realized the magnitude of my mistake and realized that my coca-cola everyday at 3 o'clock (because the cola here is so flipping good) and weekly Code Red Mountain dew before district meeting were all gone. I was depressed and began to justify my decision but now I can't go back so I am currently fasting from caffeinated beverages for life...or at least until I leave Suriname or we stop teaching Ron. Anyways that was basically the most exciting story I can come up with. Elder Hood and I contacted this lady who had a pet sloth, it was funny!   haha Anyway, that was basically our week!
-Elder Lewis

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