Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #15

My week was super good! We have a baptism on Saturday and I am so excited! Onesimus has asked me to baptize him so it looks like I will be baptizing him which I think will be super cool. I am really more excited for him, he's an awesome kid and I am just so excited for him. And also surprisingly his whole family came to church on Sunday. We were so surprised. His step dad is a very long time less active who just has shown no desire in coming back to church but he showed up and was different than I have ever seen him. He even participated in Gospel Doctrine. His wife (Onesimus' mom) isn't baptized either but she is now going to be taking the lessons as well. It's looking super good. We also put this guy we met named Prince on date for November 7th to be baptized. He is super cool as well. It was a good week. We re-activated two less actives and are working on more. 
This week was pretty good though. I have no complaints just livin' life here in Suriname. Rainy Season is about to start lol.

--Elder Lewis

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