Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #16!! Four Months This Week!!

This week was pretty good. I had my first baptism this last week which was super cool. I didn't perform the ordinance because members are supposed to do them now and it was just so much better that way. Two of my favorite people in Suriname were able to participate. Onesimus, of course, and Suradj was able to baptize him and it was such a powerful experience. Suradj is going to the temple for the first time in less than a month and it was ssoooooo cool to watch him baptize someone before he goes to the temple. I just have never been so happy. Onesimus has been investigating the church for like a year and finally he got baptized. His mother is also showing a lot of interest and his dad, who is a long time less active, is now coming back to church. Being able to be in the circle when he got confirmed  was just the coolest experience. It was so much fun to be a part of that. And also we had like 5 investigators at the baptism. It was just so awesome. Good good good weekend. Church was so good!  We had like 5 of our less actives we have been working with and then  4 investigators in church. It was a super successful week as far as missionary work. On Tuesday of last week our mission president came for a few days so it was so fun. We had interviews with him and those are my favorite. I love interviews with the mission president. Our mission president and his wife are just so awesome! You can really tell they are called of God. So there was these investigators who we've been working with and, we had no idea but, it turns out that the wife was already baptized!!! She said that and Elder Hood and I looked at each other and we were like, what?!?! Since when?!?! And I was like well, that makes sense why you have been so open to our message. That happened last night so that was pretty cool. It was a very good week!

--Elder Lewis

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