Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #9 (Tanner thought it was only #8!)

Hello Hello Hello
This weeks email will be short because I did not really prepare to write it but this week was pretty great. I went on my first exchange which was an adventure because I exchanged with another elder who was also being trained so we had no idea what we were doing. But it was cool because I was able to teach and lead a lesson because although he has been here a whole more transfer than me, I think that I know a little more dutch than he does. So, I was able to save the day in our lesson which was pretty cool. My bike decided to be very difficult and decided to pop twice so there was a lot of walking that was done. It seems like everyone just wants to cancel on the elders lately. But, we have two really cool people who we think will get baptized here in the next month (hopefully). We had zone conference this last weekend with our mission president and also a member of the 70 came down. It was super cool to learn from him and his wife, and also from President Egbert, and his wife. Not a whole lot happened this week mostly because I didn't really Think about what I was going to write prior to coming to the cyber cafe. We have just been super busy.Next week will be more interesting, I promise,  to the probably 5 people who actually read this. (I know how it is hahah) Anyway, have a good week everyone!
-Elder Lewis

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