Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week #8

Hello Everybody!
Twas good in Paramaribo this week.
So, there two zones in Suriname and there are 6 sisters and the rest elders, not sure how many but I am in the Paramaribo-Munder/Rainville area.  It’s half jungle half city and its kinda crazy because you'll see some rich and other really poor, and then REALLY poor. There are Hindu, Bos Creole (or forest black) and the City Creole (People born in the city.) So it’s really interesting--the diversity here-- and I am like the only white person here, I feel like.  They call us Bakara (which means white person basically or Dutchman) It's supposed to be offensive I think, but we just think it’s funny. The AP's live in Trinidad and they come to zone conferences with President Egbert which is on Friday, so that is cool. Most likely I will be here in Suriname but at the beginning of this transfer they put the first Dutch elders in Curasoe, so hopefully by the end of my mission I will be able to go there. Oh my goodness I have so much good food to make you guys when I get home. Things like Roti and Bruine Bonen and Marsala Chicken.  Man it’s all so good!  And I am learning how to make this stuff here that they call peper and, yeah, its good, and very spicy. It’s so hot here and if we aren't drenched in sweat then we are soaked to the bone with rain. I have never seen it rain so hard in my entire life and we just roll up to houses drenched in rain. It's a good time. I am trying to get used to sweating all the time.
Today we went to the Paramaribo zoo and that was an adventure for sure haha. It’s so funny because they just have monkeys walking around freely and swinging from the trees above and they have this hugeeeeeeeeeeeee alligator and people were just in its cages casually cleaning it.
This week we biked almost 80 miles. It’s crazy how far we bike, but I really do love it here. The people are so nice and inviting. On the bright side we have this boy named Onesimus who is getting baptized on the 19th of September and he is super nice. Also we are hoping to start teaching this family from Guyana who apparently went to our church for two years, didn't get baptized, and left all because some elder offended him. We are hoping to teach him and get him and his family back. He longs for knowledge and truth so we think he has been prepared for us. My companion in on his last transfer so he is a little trunky but he's holding on strong for me. It's so funny. Anyways that was pretty much my week. One of the funny things that happened this week was we talked to this man who had these "seeing crystals" that he sleeps with and he can see angels lol. He showed them to us but said we couldn’t touch them because we would disintegrate.. We were like....uhhhh ok bye! God loves you we have to go. It was a good time. Also, side note, if you were to send me a letter it’s pretty pointless because it takes like three months to get here.... haha but if you happen to send one I would be grateful but I am basically telling you now, don’t waste your time lol.

Something I read in the scriptures the other day was Alma 49 and 50. It speaks about Moroni's preparation for war and attacks from the Lamanite army and the whole thing I got from it is we need to be prepared before Satan and his army or cast out spirits attack us. Satan can only attack us if we are not prepared. It also speaks about how the only weak part was the entrances, where he put his strongest soldiers and army men to protect them. The only way Satan can get in is if we let him in through the front door. Build up your defenses and have a plan BEFORE he attacks. I can’t tell you how much I wish I understood that council when I was in high school and just growing up in general. I am sure it was explained to me but I probably just didn't listen. It's so important and then it goes on in 50 to say how that preparation for the enemy never stops, it keeps on going and never stops. If we prepare Satan cannot and will not destroy us.
Have a good week everyone!
-Elder Lewis

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