Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week #6.5

WEEK 6 1/2
Today is Saturday and we have all morning to pack and get all ready to go which is very exciting. These last couple days have been so long but we only have 2 days left in the MTC. It's so crazy. Since Wednesday it has been a lot of speaking and just trying to get down the last little grammar principles down before we head off into our foreign land. Do I know how to speak the language? uhhhhhh no but I am sure I will figure it out when I get there (hopefully).  I forgot to say in my last email but this last Monday we were able to listen to Russel M Ballard, President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and it was a very cool experience. I said goodbye to my good friends Jaren (Elder Hofeling) and Keaton (Elder McPeek) this week and I know they are all going to do so well in their respective fields. Also, for those of you who know the Doan family, I ran into Dallas Doan at the MTC. He was one of the instructors for our In-field Training that we did just yesterday. I just want to take a second and thank all of you who have all been so supportive in the adventure so far. Family, friends and everything in between, thank you so much. So, I am off to a foreign land trying to speak a language I don't know very well but oh well, come what may. I am so excited and I will try and keep you all posted on this adventure from the country of Suriname!! 
-Elder Lewis 
Our Teachers, Brother Vizante and Sister Larson
The Sister Missionaries in our District drew us our Spirit animals
My buddy, Keaton McPeek
Dallas Doan

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