Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #7 ish I Have No Idea

Hello Everyone from the beautiful country of Munder/Paramaribo area in Suriname!! Wow it’s been an adventure so far but I have loved every second of it!
When I first got here we spent a few days in Trinidad, had orientation and what not, which was fun. We got to hear from the mission president and his wife and she cooked us yummy food. I've probably eaten the best fruit I have ever eaten here in Trinidad.  We flew off to Suriname on Wednesday and got there at about 8:30 where we met our trainers.  To sum up Suriname in two words it would be first, Humid. I have never sweated so much in my entire life, and two, Jungle Cruise (the ride at Disneyland. Picture those two things and you've pretty much got Suriname.) That and every grocery store here is run by Chinese people and all their prices and product names are in Chinese, so that's super fun LOL,  but it’s so great!  In the last 5 days we have biked almost 50 miles teaching all the time and just working hard.
   I can barely understand people here but I have been able to get in a few words here and there so that's been really good.   People are telling me I speak very well and they can understand me so things are on the up and up.
   I really do love it here, sorry America I may not come back. Our tiny branch is the best and although a lot of the members are inactive the few that are are so loving and nice. They laugh at me because they will try and talk to me and I'll just be like "I have no idea what you’re saying" and they will just laugh it’s so funny. My companion, Elder Whetton, is awesome! He's so helpful and also forces me to talk in lessons which is really awesome and something I need.   I for sure went into a little bit of culture shock at first, but it’s just so fun.
  The food here is so good. It's mostly just Chinese food but there are these two dishes called Bami and nasi which are extremely good! I am , at this point, not being able to speak the language very well, am trying my best to listen and soak in my surrounding because this is a whole different world. It's very simple world and I just already love it! I feel like this is super rushed but we just don't have a lot of time to email. But don't worry everyone, I am alive and well here in Suriname.
  One thing I witnessed yesterday as we were riding along on our way to an appointment, we saw a pit-bull fighting and in the process of killing another dog... It was so sad. Things are going well here. Pray I don't get hit by a car here, they like to see how close they can get to us and also nobody pays attention to the speed limit haha anyways, until next week!

This is my address: 
Elder Tanner J Lewis
P.O Box 2932
South America


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