Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week #5

This week was so good. Honestly I'm running out of stuff to talk about here in the MTC haha I like to be considered a seasoned veteran here. This week had its ups and downs but above all what a good week. I'm finally just starting to speak the language. Dutch is coming so much easier every single day and I feel like I can hold my ground kind of. Im sure that will change when I actually get to the country lol. Just when you think you have got a hold on the language, our teaching starts speaking to us this foreign dialect called Sranan Tongo. It's so cool but its very weird. I'm having a good time though no worried. Once a week we do this thing called TRC which is a family home evening lesson and this last week we skyped someone from Belgium.... If you know anything about Belgium these people basically speak dutch with a scottish accent and its impossible to understand. My companions and I had no idea what he was saying and we were just staring at eachother and laughing because we had no idea what he was saying. All I remember saying to him is "God hou van u" which means God loves you. It's pretty much my go to line when I don't know what else to say. But, our investogators are going really well. Keep in mind these are our teachers pretending to be investigators but its still really cool. Our zone is very sad because our beloved Danes lefts who were pretty much the heart beat of our zone. Anyways I'll tell you what one of the coolest expirences I have had here at the MTC is singing in the MTC Choir. Its so amazing and I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I think an Apostle is coming to speak to us on Tuesday. It's getting broadcasted to every MTC in the world. I'm so excited. Hopefully I will have more stories when I'm actually in Suriname but right now my district and I are really just trying our best to Endure to The End.
    Two amazing scriptures stuck out to me this week. One of them was Alma 5:19 the thing that stuck out to me the most was "and the image of God was continually on their countenance" I formed it into a question and asked myself "Is the image if God continually on my countenance? I now have a goal for this week and that is to always do that and I would challenge all of you to do the same. The second one was Matthew 5:45-48. This scripture talks about how God rises the sun on those who are evil and the good and he makes rain come to those who are evil and who are good. Then it goes on to talk about how we need to do the same thing. "for what is our reward if we only love those who love us?" It compares these people we struggle with to the Publicans or Tax Collecters and these people where hated above all people in the scriptures but the moral or the story is we need to love the publicans in our lives. If we do these things we can be happier and become more like our Savior everyday. 
     Anyways  life is good here in the MTC. I recieve my travel itinerary on thursday so I am very pumped for that. I'm almost out of here and then I get to go serve the wonderful people in Suriname! I only have one more P day here in the MTC!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO Hebben Jullie een goede week!!!! :) 
-Elder Lewis

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