Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week #1

Week 1 in the MTC

Hoi everyone!

Wow is all I can say. This last week has been extremely crazy and humbling. I have basically been sitting in a class basically all hours of the day. I sometimes feel like they are just fattening us up for slaughter. (just kidding).

All my companions and elders around me are so amazing. Alot of them are leaving here in the next week and even just knowing them for just a week, I'm going to miss their guidance and wisdom....and the laughs and jokes.  The dutchies (as we are called) are all super nice and helpful and I've learned a lot from them. I was made the district leader of my small district of 5. Its been a very cool experience. Dutch is coming along. I can (sort of) prayer and bear my testimony in dutch which is super cool and fun. My teacher Brother Norton is a stud, I want to be like him when I grow up, but its a little frustrating because he never speaks english......its so annoying but good at the same time. Also the food here is super gross. Every one says they love the food but it's making me kinda sick haha They were having a mission president training while I was here my district got to meet our mission president. I'm super grateful that we got to meet him. I got assigned to be the district leader and that has been a blessing all in the same. I have been stretched so thin here in the MTC and the lord has ways of testing you and this is mine.

One of the most fun things about my mission so far is gym. We've been playing soccer and basketball and it's been getting pretty crazy. Today we played zone soccer and the Dutchies and Danes (Polish missionaries) won so we get bragging rights. WOOOO. Another cool thing we've been able to do is teach "investigators". They are just role playing but my companions and I have been teaching all in dutch and It's been soooo hard considering we've only been learning dutch for a week now.. but its all in good fun.

Hands down the coolest thing I have been able to do here is was being able to watch a special MTC devotional by David A. Bednar that is only shown in the MTC. It is titled Characters of Christ and let me tell you I can tell why It is only for missionaries.  Based on the talk I would invite you all to do a couple of things. Our savior Jesus Christ, through all of the trails and hard ships he faced, still turned outward to love all those around him, even to those who persecuted him. I would invite you all that in all that you can do is turn outward and not inward just like Christ did. By doing this I can promise you that you will be more happy and loving towards your fellow brothers and sisters. Love you all and have a good week.

-Elder Lewis

p.s also I probably have forgotten a lot of stuff but next week there will be pictures and more detailed stuff I promise. Also hand written letters and packages are appreciated :)

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