Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week #2 Letter #2

WEEK 2 in the MTC
Hoi Everyone. Hoe gaat het met jullie?? ( how are you guys) This week in the MTC has been fantastic. I am learning so many things. So this week we have been teaching a lot. All in dutch. Its soo cool because just being here two weeks I can sort of teach all in dutch with little to no notes. Its amazing to be able to follow the spirit and just teach in a language you have no idea how to speak. This weeks sporting events have been intense. We are all improving at soccer and bragging right are for sure the best prize. The days are getting shorter and more enjoyable. The food still does terrible things to my insides but yeah it works I guess. My teacher Brother Norton like I said is a stud and his lessons this week were amazing. He taught stellar lessons on faith and the spirit and they were amazing. I'm so grateful for him. Our favorite dutchies left for the Nederlands on monday so that was super sad. One of my favorite elders wrote in my journal a quote that I found funny and great so I'm going to share it with jullie. "the man asked Jesus: Jesus, why do I only see one set of foot prints in the sand when I am walking through my trials? Jesus answered and said: Because the sand people walk single file to hide their numbers" That might not be funny to you guys but the humor gets pretty dry here. 
The 4th of july was interesting here. They tried their best to make us feel less salty that we were in the MTC on the 4th of july. We got to watch the stadium of fire fire works in the parking lot. The next morning my companions and I overslept and were late and were late to our sunday meetings hahah. It was fun luckily nobody got too mad. 

Its so fun because we are teaching everyday and Its so fun to watch myself grow in the language everyday. We have an elder from sweden in our zone and he served in the swedish army and he puts us through a sort of boot camp every night. We are all so out of shape lol. I've seen Jaren and Kylie here a lot and thats been super fun. The one things the MTC has taught me so far is that I need so much faith. I've never prayed as much in my entire life. My testimony grows everyday and I'm so grateful for all the trials and frusterations that come with it. Today we have 24 new dutch missionaries coming today so we get to pretend like we are big shots. Anyways, the church is true and I'm having a fantastic time here but I can't wait to get out into the field and start teaching the People in suriname! 
-Elder Lewis

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