Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #58

Boy what a week. I know I said I was going to put more thought into these letters but Monday just came way too fast so I am going to do my best. We had two huge miracles this week. We have these investigators named Mieto and Marchine and they experienced a little trial of their faith these last two weeks but they have once again, caught on fire. Mieto has struggled with word of wisdom problems and we actually just talked to him this morning and he said he doesn't have the desire to smoke or drink or anything. It was really cool. The second huge miracle is Ferrello and Rafiella. Ferrello is a less active and his girl friend is not a member. She was always a little wishy washy  but we went over one night and she was PUMPED. They had read the Restoration pamphlet together and could basically recite it word for word. The member we brought with us said that Ferrello told him they are going to get married. We were pumped, I could barely sleep that night I was so excited (no joke). I have really just gained a huge testimony this week that the Lord is preparing his children and answers prayers. I am so grateful for this mission opportunity and the things that I have learned. It really has been the best experience I could ever do. It's for sure the hardest thing I have ever had to do but boy, nothing in my life has been more rewarding and growing for me. Thank you to all who fasted for immigration. We are hoping we can get some new elders in real soon. 
So are Cayman was shot out of our trench. I don't know if I said that already but it did. Carl is dead and it was super sad. Our landlord had been raising him for about 5 years.
 I also thought this one guy was going to punch me this week. We're sitting in a lesson and I am on exchange in another area and we sat with this guy who was basically begging to be baptized but he has been investigating for about 8 months and refuses to get married and is not living any of the commandments. He's a great guy and everything but just isn't getting it. I basically told him when his heart is broken and his spirit is contrite he can get baptized and it's his choice if he wants to do that. Boy, I thought I was going to get cussed out of the house. But I for sure said it with love and was not expecting such a response.. I know Christ would have said the same thing if he was there. Anyways that's the funny story for the week. Also SOS Suriname food is making me squishy. I've started exercising a little more. It's alright though just more to love right. lol Okay have a good week every one!
-Elder Lewis

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