Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #69

Hello One and All,
This week was a hot one and a more difficult than usual one. We are working tirelessly to build up this great branch and trying our best to find people through our own efforts. It seemed as thought every person we talked to was either Jehovah's Witness, a pastor for another church or just people who flat out don't like white people. It was a good time though. In times of trial in missionary work I am often caused to think on the Savior. Through working hard areas I have really come to know in a very special way what Christ has done for me. It's a priceless thing that can be experienced no other way. This week we were able to reactivate Monica Stuart. She's coming back with fire and it's so great to see. We have also been seeing a ton of success in our less actives in teaching them the Gospel. We have been blessed through our efforts in working as hard as we can and being diligent even when nothing is going right. We were able to meet two young couples who have been being prepared by the Lord for years now. This week I discovered pure acacia berries. A member of ours produces it and it's awesome. It's like super juice I'll try and send some pictures if I can figure out why this computer will not let me up load pictures. But over all it was a fantastic week and a very learning week. As the time goes on I realize how short missions are but nothing else will ever come close to the joy, thrill and burden born with gratitude that I have felt :)
-Elder Lewis

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