Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #68

Hello one and all,
This week was sweet. First off, a past investigator of mine got married this week and I was able to attend it and it just made me so happy:) I remember when I was at the lesson that they committed for that date. It blows my mind just how great it was! Everyone was so happy and they both are now on the path to baptism and temple marriage! We had a lot of success this week in working with our members and finding two new families. One of the families we found was actually so inspired. Turns out the wife Nicole went to the church about 15 years ago and knows a ton of members. It was a tender moment for me to see them be touched as we testified that we had prayed and felt inspired to come to that city and that street in which that lived. The Lord leads us to the prepared and it was a huge testimony builder for me. We biked at lead 170 miles this week. Something else that we organized this last week is that we will be teaching a free English class to Haitian Refugees to help them be able to get jobs. One of our investigators Jupiter speak decent enough English in order for us to help the rest. We are excited for the great opportunity! I finally am going to get off pictures this week. I hit 16  months today and time is going way too fast but I am loving every second of it! This Gospel is true and will fill the earth. We had 32 people at church which is the highest that this struggling branch has had since no body remembers when. Thirty-two PLUS in an insane number and we were pretty excited. Being a trainer has been such a learning experience. I have the best companion who is just so humble and willing to learn. I am thankful for the trust that the Lord has put in me to be a zone leader and trainer and I am learning so much from it. Our zone is deemed to be the most productive and effective zone in the whole mission. Elder Jennings and I were pretty proud of that. Anyway, love you all!
-Elder Lewis
**As a side note, last week when Tanner was telling me about biking hundreds of miles through the deep jungle, I asked him if he was ever nervous about something jumping out at him.  He replied, "Well, I wasn't until just NOW when you said that!!".  
I'm sure he sent me these photos because of my comment.  Little stinker!

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