Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #62

Bonaire week 2 in the books. This place is one of the chillest laid back places I have been. All the people have the total island mentality of just beach all day every day. Turns out Bonaire is world renouned for it's diving. This week was pretty good. We got a lot of no's this week and had some very funny encounters with some people this week. We did a lot fo contacting this week, like 5-6 hours of it a day. It's a lot of fun. We did, however have a couple cool expirences. We have ben praying and fasting to find a dutch family to add to our very very small dutch group here on the island. We were contacting once day and met this guy from cameroon africa. HE speaks french, english, dutch and arabic.. It was nuts. He has a dutch wife and they have two little kids. He was extremly curious about what we had to say. We had a lesson with just him and we explained to him the imprtance of our message and the imprtance of families. We scheduled a return appointment to teach him and his wife. We are super excited for that. I have been learning a very important lesson these last couple weeks about my Savior. With my companion and I faces widespread rejection We have really come to appriciate what Christ has done for us who, faced the ultimate rejection in his earthly ministry. I have felt extremly close to him while burning in the hot sun preaching his perfect gospel. I know that the message will fall upon those ears who need it, even if it takes a couple years for the seed to take root and grow. Church was a lot of fun. Everyone was together so we had our dutch/spanish/papiamento branch. Translating was fun. We only have one set of translating equipment so a member would translate it for me into english and then I would translate that into dutch and send it out via headset....stressful. But it was super fun. The dutch language is so fun and I love it and it's been fun to be able to speak to actual dutch people!
I would also like to invite and encourage every one to read the Book of Mormon every day. Spiritual Expirences out of the Book of Mormon will keep our testimonies strong and current. I have made it a goal to try my best to see the Lord's hand in my life every day and It has been amazing to see how blessed we truly are. For those who are sitting on the fence about a mission, do it. It will be the best decision you ever make and it's the best thing I have ever done.
Elder Lewis

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