Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #51

Hello World,
This week was a wild one. President Egbert came down for his transerly visit and it is always a good time. We just love having them here. We had a pretty good week. We had a very good turn out at church with 8 investigators at church. That was super fun. The members in Koewarasan branch are so amazing. One of the most special famiiles I have been able to meet is the Marwad family. I have never met a more selfless couple who are so strong in the faith. They have been super fun to work with. With have an investigator named San-J and he is pretty cool. He's a hindu man and we were able to help him gain a testimony of God and how HE has a fast form and a body. It was super cool to see him pray in our lesson and specifically ask and get an answer. We have another investigator named Mieto. He has stopped smoking this week! Love you all!
-Elder Lewis

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