Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week #78

Hello One and All,
This week was great! World War three here in the islands for new years but nothing compared to Suriname! This week was so so so great! The Lords hand has been obvious in our work as we have strove to talk to every one and push the Book of Mormon. We have these things called contact areas and we pray to know where we need to go and once we know we do not leave that area until every single house has been contacted and a person at that house has been talked to. There is nothing more rewarding than leaving an area knowing you've done all you possibly could to preach the gospel. We had a cool experience with that this week as I felt inspired to go to our contact area even though we could only stay for 10 minutes. I saw the street in my head that I knew we needed to go too and we go and find this man from Colorado. He said the coolest thing "Yeah I saw the missionaries all the time but they never stopped at my door" It's amazing that of all places, he meets us on the  tiny island of Bonaire. It was a huge testament that God answers prayers and if we follow the spirit he will lead us to his children. He is going back to Colorado but he gave us his information so that the missionaries there can teach him and his family! I  am so grateful for this work. I remember riding to our next appointment being so so so pumped just loving the work. We are looking forward to January to see a lot of people who told us "next year" 
I hope everyone had a great holiday!
-Elder Lewis

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