Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #41

Dear People of The United States and scattered missionaries around the world,
Well, this week was very good. We taught a ton of lessons this week and have just been blessed like crazy as far as new investigators. One of the highlights is for sure Kalof. He is just on fire and has been changed by the Book of Mormon. He wasn't able to make it to church this last week because he got up and ready to go and his daughter had taken the car. He was very upset he couldn't go. It was a pretty cool moment with him last night when he asked when we were coming back after our missions and he was all hopefully after like five or so years. And then I said back to him yup I'll come back and I better see you in the church and he goes back, oh don't you worry you'll see me sitting in the church...with my wife with me. It made me so happy. It's been so fun to see him change and just be so willing to do whatever he can do. We have this one investigator who we have taught 3 times and has read all the way to 2 Nephi 9!! He's reading like crazy! It's so fun to teach him. The scripture for the week is Helaman 15:4. I love this scripture because it brings the quote alive "The Lord is more concerned about where you are now and what you are becoming than where you were" It's so true. Everyone has a certain potential and the Lord knows that potential. Samuel was a Lamanite and his purpose for his change was to change others. What's important to know is that God gives us credit for trying. I know that He loves us and is proud of our efforts to follow His son. I know that change is a daily en devour and I invite you all to examine how well you all keep your baptismal covenant and is you are really keeping allllll the commandments. It's a hard question but i know that as we strive to keep those commandments better I know it will play a huge role is the happiness of everyone who has taken upon the name of Christ and even those who have not yet. Let your light so shine and be an example to those around you, because you do stick out and you are watched. Anyways that's all from me. I hope ya'll have a good week!
-Elder Lewis

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